Fees & Charges Update
ACT Landfill fees and charges update every year on July 1. Most fees are increasing in line with the Wage Price Index. The fee for general commercial waste is increasing from $117.80 per tonne to $121.90 per tonne (including GST). See http://www.legislation.act.gov.au/di/2011-122/current/pdf/2011-122.pdf for more info

Skip Bin Audit
An audit of skip bins was undertaken at Mugga Lane Resource Management Centre landfill face from 23 to 27 June in order to better determine the composition of material delivered by skip to landfill. Over 200 skips delivering over this time had their loads visually inspected. The aggregated details of the over 200 skips contents can assist skip bin collectors to determine sorting opportunities, assist major recyclers in understanding what recycling opportunities are available, and assist government in developing education programs and leaflets in cooperation with skip bin organisations for waste generators to better understand how to best use skips. A final report without commercial in confidence details should be made available on the ACT NOWaste website in July.

If you wish to reduce your waste costs and recycle your plasterboard waste material in the ACT, call REGYP for more information on collection and recycling services for your next project.

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