Regyp has been producing and selling recycled gypsum in NSW & QLD for 15 years. The main product Super Ag Gypsum is widely used in broadacre, cotton, horticultural and pastoral applications.

Given the recycled gypsum products’ high analysis, low sodium and cheaper cost, it is a great performing alternative to natural gypsum. The company sells around 50,000 tonne of recycled gypsum each year into the agricultural and civil industries.

Chemically Regyp recycled gypsum is the same as natural gypsum (CaSO4.2HO), meaning there is plenty of available calcium and sulphate sulphur in the products.

The benefit with recycled gypsum is the gypsum used to make plasterboard is very pure and it is milled down to an ultrafine powder, making the recycled gypsum product very soluble even though the Super Ag particles are larger. The particle size distribution of the recycled gypsum also assists with product handling and spreading.

Regyp’s Super Ag Gypsum product tests around 10% more pure than most Ag gypsum pits, making it an attractive option. Also when testing for heavy metals and contaminants the natural and recycled products mirror each other in the laboratory.

Regyp currently produces and sells Super Ag Gypsum from Brisbane QLD and Cowra NSW. Our products are regularly tested for gypsum quality and contaminants every quarter to ensure our customers are getting the best product.

For more information on recycled gypsum and its comparison with various available gypsum products and Pacific Fertiliser’s gypsum products, please follow the links below:  and

We can also send you a free landed cost comparison calculator to help you assess your available gypsum product options in an apples with apples scenario. Please contact the office if you would like the calculator.