For many reasons gypsum can be considered to be a farmer’s best friend. REGYP recycled gypsum is an excellent source of both Calcium and Sulphur – essential for both yield and grain quality, but its benefits go much further. As a soil amendment, gypsum helps improve the physical properties of soil, such as water retention, permeability, water infiltration, drainage, aeration and structure providing a better environment for the plant roots. The calcium can also displace harmful sodium essential to the sustainability of most irrigated soils. Our group of companies handle 80,000+ tonnes of natural & recycled gypsum products every year.

SUPER AG Recycled Gypsum is superior to other available sources of gypsum for agricultural applications. The recycled gypsum is a highly soluble, high analysis source of calcium and sulphur. It can be used as a cheaper and superior substitute to normal Agricultural grade gypsum products for cropping & pastoral applications and industrial and civil works.

SUPER 6 Recycled gypsum is a fine grade high performance, fast acting, source of calcium and sulphur suitable for agricultural and industrial applications where a fine particle size is required. Super 6 Recycled Gypsum is generally used in horticulture, turf, lucerne flats and potato crops where a quick response is required from a high analysis gypsum.

Mined gypsum is a fine grade natural high performance, fast acting, source of calcium and sulphur suitable for agricultural and industrial applications where a fine particle size is required. Available in various screened sizes (<2, <3, <6 & <10mm) and in granular form (air seeder grade & Aerial grade).

SUPERFLOCC Gypsum products are ultra fine ground mined gypsum. The solution and aerial grade gypsum products are suitable for industrial, agricultural cropping and civil applications. The ground gypsum can be mixed with water and applied via irrigation (flood, drip), spread aerially, or added to dams for flocculation (to reduce water turbidity) and many other applications.

SUPER SPREAD 10 gypsum is a high analysis gypsum product. The granular recycled gypsum is mainly used in aerial applications or where land spread applications require wide band widths and/or low applications rates. The granular gypsum also provides for low dust generation during spreading providing flexibility in application.

REHAB GYPSUM is a coarse grade recycled gypsum product containing good levels of calcium and sulphur. The product is suitable for land rehabilitation and remediation works. Rehab Gypsum has a gypsum purity comparable to the majority of most Agricultutral gypsum. It is generally used when cultivating or deep ripping into the soil or blending with compost and manure products or treating top soil for rehabilitation works.

ORG-GYP is a blend of compost organic matter and high quality gypsum. Org-Gyp contains nutrients, organic matter and moisture, that can improve the soils chemical and physical properties and enhance plant growth. REGYP can also offer blends of compost, manure, minerals and/or fertiliser to suit your application.

SRP SustainR is a high quality blend of soft rock phosphate, biology and recycled gypsum. The blend offers a cheaper alternative to Single Super (SSP) providing good levels of plant available phosphorous, sulphur and calcium. The phosphorous is in a form where it doesn’t lock up in your soils and the biology and gypsum help to make the the phosphate rock reactive.

The addition of organic matter and nutrients via manure can have a sustained beneficial effect on the soil because it remains as a long term nutrient source for microbes and soil binding agents. The improvement in soil structure attributed to the added soil organic matter can increase nutrient uptake, reduce runoff and increase soil water storage and plant productivity. We also provide granulated manure and pelleted manure products.

REGYP supplies a variety of high analysis lime products such as Ag lime, ultra fine ag lime, liquid lime, hydrated lime and quick lime. We can recommend the right lime product for various applications from agriculture, industrial and civil projects.
Available in bulk, bulkbag and 25kg bags.

Humates, which are composed of various forms of carbon, are naturally occurring material that is very rich in humified organic matter and humic substances. Humates are now recognised as one of the single most productive input in sustainable agriculture. Humates are available in solid form (Brown Coal Fines) and liquid form like K-humates. We can supply these products straight or use them in fert & minerals blends.

REGYP Bentonite  is a natural swelling clay of Sodium Bentonite suitable for use in construction, sealing dams and irrigation ditches. Civil engineering grade bentonite has for many years been used in diaphragm walls construction, tunneling and dam sealing. Bentonite is an inert mined mineral except for a light alkalinity. It can be dried & re-swelled an infinite number of times.