Bentonite is a natural swelling clay of Sodium Bentonite suitable for use in construction, sealing dams and irrigation ditches. Civil engineering grade bentonite has for many years been used in diaphragm walls construction, tunneling and dam sealing. PacFert bentonite is inert except for a light alkalinity.It is harmless to the human digestive system and can be dried & re-swelled an infinite number of times.

The bentonite Sealing Powder and Sealing Granules are prepared especially for dam sealing applications and available in bulk and 1.2 tonne bulk bags. Regyp also sells and blends sulphur bentonite for agricultural applications.

Regyp also sells ultra fine powder bentonite specifically made for Drilling Mud. hen drilling with bentonite, a protective “filter cake” is formed on the borehole wall reducing the level of soil permeability and increasing stability. Bentonite slurry also acts as a lubricant for drilling tools.

Another form of bentonite can also be blended with our gypsum to form a good earthing compound. A blend of Calcium Bentonite and Gypsum (powdered or granules) is used to improve soil conductivity where rods are installed in drilled holes.

Bentonite is also used in animal stock feed, industrial absorbents, landfill capping and lining.

SiO2 51%
SiO2 15%
Fe2O3 3%