REGYP does not sell any Calcium Silicate products.

REGYP specialises in refining and selling high quality gypsum products (natural and recycled). Calcium Silicate is not gypsum.

Our Brisbane natural and recycled gypsum products have a Calcium content 21-23% and sulphur 17-17.5% and the product has  ~8 pH.

The Mineral mulch Calcium Silicate products do have the benefit of silica, but as a gypsum substitute, they only have low Calcium and Sulphur contents compared to the above figures.

Calcium content 13-15% (<50% of gypsum), with sulphur 0-3% (<17% of gypsum), and the product is alkaline at 10+ pH  (making the product more of a lime substitute and not a gypsum alternative).