Manures, composts & blends contain nutrients, organic matter and moisture, that can improve the soils chemical and physical properties and enhance plant growth. REGYP manure products contains nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and increased sulphur, calcium coupled with a number of micro nutrients in higher concentrations than in many agricultural soils. Manures can enhance soil properties such as water retention, porosity, nutrient supply and organic matter supply. The business can also blend the compost with minerals, fertiliser, humates and biology to increase the effectiveness.

REGYP sells a high analysis granular form of Manure called Terrus Pro fertiliser. The granules are manufactured from a high quality, nutrient and humic rich compost, which can improve soil carbon levels, enhance nutrient uptake, water holding capacity and microbial activity. Before granulation the manure is also boosted with blood and bone, gypsum and sulphate of potash. So each granule not only conditions the soil but also delivers a balanced combination of nutrients and trace elements essential for healthy plant growth.

Cow & Pig Manure

Cow & Pig manure contains the three main plant nutrients: nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and trace elements as well as significant amounts of organic matter to your soil profile, improving water and nutrient holding capacity (CEC), soil structure and water-retaining capacity. The addition of organic matter will increase the microbial population in the root zone, greatly improving the conversion of nutrients to the target plant, and can assist in decreasing soil erosion. REGYP can screen and blend the manure with compost, gypsum, lime, phosphate rock and biology when required to meet customers’ requirements.

Our fully compoosted cow manure products look like fine chocolate powder and are freshcare and organic certified.

Nitrogen (N) 4%
Phosphorus (P) 1%
Potassium (K) 2%
Zinc 1%
Calcium (Ca) 2%
Magnesium (Mg) 1%
Organic Matter 39%

Chicken & Turkey Manure

REGYP sells high quality chicken manure from layer operations & turkey manure. This manures are great for a natural nitrogen addition with some added carbon and trace elements. Raw chicken litter can be a valuable resource to optimise pasture production. It is mostly organic matter and supplies nutrients, helps hold moisture, improves soil structure and encourages organisms such as earthworms. Chicken litter can be used to fertilise all types of pasture and forage crops where high levels of production are required. REGYP can screen and blend the chicken manure with compost, gypsum, lime, phosphate rock and biology when required to meet customers’ requirements. Information on our composted poultry manure in granular and pelletised form is available via this link.

Nitrogen (N) 5%
Phosphorus (P) 2%
Potassium (K) 2%
Sulphur (S) 1%
Calcium (Ca) 7%
Magnesium (Mg) 1%
Organic Carbon (C) 36%

The addition of organic matter via manure can have a sustained beneficial effect on the soil because it remains as a long term nutrient source for microbes and soil binding agents. The improvement in soil structure attributed to the added soil organic matter can reduce runoff and increase soil water storage and plant productivity.

In organic farming, particular types of grasses or legumes in pastoral applications cow manure and chicken manures are used to add nitrogen, carbon and other nutrients back into soil. “Feed the soil to feed the plant”, don’t just feed the plant. Since the 1950s, much of modern farming has become dependent on industrially manufactured fertilisers (not used in organic systems) to add nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium back into the soil.

The most important element for plant development is nitrogen in the soil. Nitrogen plays a major part in the development of chlorophyll and the associated green colour that plants have. It is responsible for lush, vigorous growth and the development of dense vegetation.

Nitrogen applied in the form of manure fosters favourable soil microbes, which are indicative of healthy, fertile soil. Manufactured fertilisers infuse the soil with more nitrogen than the plants can use and the excess is washed into rivers and streams.

REGYP caters for all budgets and applications with various composted manure products in various screened sizes and raw screened cow manure, chicken manure and pig manure options are also avaliable in bulk loads. We also have freshcare certified compost and organic certified compost products for those with high value crops.

If you require natural gypsum, lime or fertiliser please visit our sister company, Pacific Fertiliser’s website.