SUPER 6 gypsum is a high performance, fast acting, processed source of calcium and sulphur suitable for agricultural and industrial applications where a fine particle size is required. The recycled grade 1 recycled gypsum product, has a gypsum purity comparable to premium grade mined gypsum at a lower price. It has been used successfully in suspension with water for aerial applications and flocculation.

If you require natural gypsum, lime or fertiliser please visit our sister company, Pacific Fertiliser’s website.

Gypsum 90%
Calcium 23%
Sulphur 17%
Organics (paper) 1%

Product Qualities

  • Increased solubility, up to 4 times more than other mined gypsum sources;
  • Lower applications rates (up to 15%) due to its much higher purity than most mined gypsum sources, saving you money;
  • Smaller particle size means it is faster to dissolve into solution when compared to Super Ag Gypsum; and
  • Porous structure provides more surface area then conventional natural gypsum sources. This means the gypsum will fully dissolve into the soil solution at a much faster rate and leave no un-dissolved gypsum particles.