REHAB RECYCLED GYPSUM is a coarse grade recycled gypsum product containing good levels of calcium and sulphur. The product is suitable for land rehabilitation and remediation works. Rehab Gypsum has a gypsum purity comparable to the majority of most Agricultural gypsum.

It is generally used when cultivating or deep ripping into the soil or blending with compost and manure products or treating top soil for rehabilitation works.

Rehab Gypsum is also suitable in light soils, high rain fall areas or under heavy irrigation regimes.  Generally uses are sugar cane, drip ripped for cotton, compost & manure blending additives and mine site rehabilitation.

If you require natural gypsum, lime or fertiliser please visit our sister company, Pacific Fertiliser’s website.

Gypsum 80%
Calcium 19%
Sulphur 14%
Organics (paper) 10%

Product Qualities

  • Lowest cost source of calcium and sulphur;
  • Suitable for applications where soil cultivation, deep ripping or the addition of top soil will take place after spreading;
  • Porous structure provides more surface area than conventional Ag gypsum sources. This means that the gypsum will fully dissolve into the soil solution quickly, but the larger particles give a slow release so it will not wash away in the first rain event or light soils.