SuperSpread Gypsum 10 (SSG10) is pefect for aerial applications out of aircraft setup to spread fertilisers.

Gypsum Purity 90+%,
Calcium 22.5+%
Sulphur 17+5

You will need to do more trips with SSG10 then other available aerial gypsum due to its lower bulk density, but you need to assess not only landed cost, application costs, but also purity and solubility when comparing each product.

The benefits of SSG10 is that even though the particle size is bigger, it is very soluble and very pure. The SSG10 granules are made up of thousands of ultra-fine gypsum particles giving each granule incredible surface area.


SSG10 Gypsum – has a light bulk density of 0.6 to 0.7 tonne / m3. Example a standard Fletcher Hopper Volume is ~ 1.7m3, and a Fletcher can carry up to 1.4 tonne on a good strip, we allow for 1.0 – 1.1t per load due to the lower bulk density. So you you need to allow for a higher application cost compared to fertiliser and heavier products. Applications rates can go down to 125kg/ha.

For example you can have washed gypsum crystals that are suitable to flow in a aircraft hopper, but aren’t very soluble because of the average particle size. This means it will take a long time (years) for the sulphur and calcium to go into solution to provide the benefits you paid for. Where as SSG10 Gypsum granules are made up of thousands od small gypsum particles whivch will go into solution much faster.

Pacific Fertiliser also supply aerial grade granulated minerals such as aerial grade gypsum.


We can also provide mined gypsum and prilled mined gypsum if the recycled gypsum is not suitable for you.