Regyp Super Ag Gypsum is more suitable to aerial top dressing due to the material handling properties, spreadability (similar to prilled products) and the increased solubility.

In general aerial top-dressing contractors, to tend to use coarser gypsum material to overcome material handling issues and also to deliver the recommended quantities more quickly. The influence of the coarser gypsum particle size on the sulphur response by the pasture plants is linked to the effect on the rate of solution of sulphur from the compound.

On standard mined gypsum as the particle size increases the solubility generally decreases as the larger crystals take longer to full dissolve and release the sulphur.

ReGyp’s 10mm screened gypsum products offers a larger particle size that breaks down between your fingers. This quality means the SUPER AG Gypsum will fully dissolve into the soil solution at a much faster rate and leave no un-dissolved gypsum particles.

Aerial Gypsum SpreadingGypsum Canola Spreading

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