REGYP offers an alternative floor covering for pen surfaces including feedlots, dairies and saleyards for animals.

The pen surface cover from organic materials such as sawdust, shavings, straw etc are typically used by the livestock industry. These bedding materials support conditions (moisture, nutrients, and rich pH) which are more ideal for pathogenic growth than inorganic (mined gypsum) bedding.

Carbon and other nutrients essential for bacterial growth can be more available in organic flooring material than in mined gypsum bedding. Dry matter content of most organic material is often less than 70% versus greater than 90% for gypsum bedding. Also drier bedding can result in fewer insects and also provide slip resistance and an odor free area.

The benefits of recycled paper gypsum bedding?

  • Recycled paper gypsum is more absorbent than sawdust or shavings,
  • Recycled paper gypsum can reduce cell counts and Mastitis problems,
  • Recycled paper gypsum can reduce foot health problems,
  • Non Caustic and safe. Does not burn or cause dried skin or feet like some lime products,
  • The recycled paper gypsum does not contain harmful chemicals and heavy metals,
  • Increases the nutrient and element value in your manure,
  • Can reduce your fertilizer requirement.

There is a chemical reaction between recycled paper gypsum and ammonia. Eg in urine it ties up the ammonia in the form of ammonium sulfate. Odor is reduced and the environment in the pen/yard is improved. The retained ammonia increases the natural nitrogen in the manure/pen scrapping.

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