REGYP is aiming to keep the price of the very popular Super Ag Gypsum product at 2012 price levels. We have recently doubled our plant capacities at Cowra, Sydney and Brisbane, to increase production rates and will be aiming to offer a continued reliable supply of the 92+% pure gypsum product for the 2014 sowing season. Super Ag gypsum and Regyp’s other cheaper screened recycled gypsum products are a highly soluble and pure source of gypsum containing both sulphur and calcium.


  • As of January 2014 REGYP will be offering a recycled lime product “Super Ag Lime” from Cowra, this products is a highly soluble and pure source of calcium carbonate. General product specs are CaCo3 95%, Ca 38%, with an NV 95.
  • Other new products available are prilled gypsum, prilled lime, rehab coarse recycled gypsum and bulk organic compost.
  • Since 1 July 2013, REGYP now sells recycled products such as gypsum, lime and compost and Pacific Fertiliser Pty Ltd now sells the natural mined products including gypsum, lime, phosphate rock, magnesium, dolomite etc. Please find a price list for Pacific Fertiliser attached.