Recycling to Achieve the Best Environmental Outcome.

Denmark makes true recycling of gypsum waste mandatory and bans composting of gypsum waste and export for recovery purposes.

A new Danish initiative is based on the waste hierarchy found in the EU waste directive 2008. According to the hierarchy waste must only undergo the treatment that assures the best environmental outcome and per definition recycling must be given priority over recovery or disposal operations as recycling provides the best overall environmental result. On this basis Denmark can make it mandatory to send the plasterboard waste to the type of treatment similar to REGYP’s solution in Australia.

In Australia some waste operators say they are recycling plasterboard waste but really the plasterboard residue is going out in soil fines or being used as landfill cover to avoid the waste levy. Both of these options are not the best environmental outcome for the waste. REGYP recycles the plasterboard waste into usage gypsum products that offset the need to mine gypsum that same amount of gypsum for agricultural and industrial uses such as making plasterboard.