REGYP helps plasterboard manufacturers achieve the GECA labeling through use of the recycled gypsum in their manufacturing process.

Plasterboard and gyprock manufacturers can substitute virgin mined gypsum for 5% w/w recycled gypsum to achieve the gypsum input requirements for the GECA product label.

Gypsum plasterboard is used to line interior walls for the purpose of a clean painted finish. The environmental loads from the production and use and disposal of gypsum plasterboard can be minimised by the recycling of gypsum. The primary purpose of this standard is to define environmental performance criteria for the most harmful environmental and human hazards of gypsum plasterboard and to use these criteria as indicators of general environmental performance of the product.

In Australia approximately 30% by weight of resources disposed of in landfills is construction and demolition waste. A large proportion of this waste is gypsum plasterboard. Using gypsum plasterboard waste in the manufacture of new products will reduce the amount of plasterboard entering the waste stream. It will also help conserve resources and reduce demand for virgin resources, in turn reducing impacts of mining and related processing.

GECA certified products will continue to be recognised and specifiable for all Green Star project.

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