REGYP manufacturers microfine gypsum products suitable for agricultural, civil and industrial applications.

The micronised gypsum products include:

G100S – Solution Grade Gypsum – Suitable for dissolution in irrigation systems.

G100FL – Flocculation Grade Gypsum – Suitable for flocculating dams including farm dams and civil sedimentary catchment dams.

G100A – Aerial Suspension Grade Gypsum – Suitable for aerial suspension application to combat soil crusting, water infiltration, and displacement of unwanted salts.

G200 – UltraFine Gypsum – Ground similar to SuperFine Ag Lime for increased solubility

The products are avaliable in bulk, bulkbags and pallets of 20-25kg bags and is waehoused in Sydney, Brisbane, Cowra and Bundaberg

Other microfine mineral products include microfine lime, mircofine phosphate rock and microfine dolomite.