REGYP sells high quality, low cost, sustainable products suitable for the rehabilitation of mine sites, construction sites and over worked soils.

The products offered are lower cost gypsum products that contain more organics which also benefit the rehabilitation of soils.

  1. Rehab Gypsum is the lowest cost source per unit of gypsum (calcium and sulphur) available within ~300km of Sydney. The product is approved for land application and has over 75+% purity, 15.5% sulphur and 10% organics (paper);
  2. ORG-GYP is a blend of recycled gypsum and organic compost, the blend allows the user to spread gypsum and compost in one application saving time and costs.


Soils in post-mining landscapes are generally heavily degraded with low organic content. Poor quality topsoil and high weed invasion has often hampered rehabilitation in open cut coal mining operations. Soil amendments such as gypsum and compost blended with gypsum are increasingly used to improve soil quality and structure and promote the rehabilitation of open cut spoils.

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