ORG-GYP is a blend of high quality recycled gypsum and organic matter (pasteurized organic soil conditioner). Org-Gyp contains nutrients, organic matter and moisture and when applied to land it can improve soil chemical and physical properties and enhance plant growth.

Product Specifications – 95/5 Blend (other blends available to suit application):
(% w/w)
– Organic Matter, 64
– Sulphur (S), 1
– Total Calcium, 3.6
– Magnesium Mg, 0.2
– Nitrogen N, 1.2
– Potassium K, 0.8
– Phosphorus P, 0.4

See the Org-Gyp brochure for more information on compost and gypsum blends.

The use of organic soil amendments on pasture and cropping operations can be an effective management tool which, improves the bottom line for farmers while also improving the environment.

Org-Gyp is a blend of pasteurized compost (recycled organics) and recycled gypsum. Organic amendments have the potential to replace or supplement mineral fertilisers. Pastuerised compost acts not only as a source of nutrients and organic matter but also increases the size, biodiversity and activity of the microbial populations in the soil.

The addition of gypsum to the organic matter increases the sulphur and calcium content of the blend. Calcium can make soils more friable to crops grow better. The sulphur content of gypsum aids the setting of flowers in crops such as canola and lucerne.

The enhancement of populations of efficient microbes in soils by its application promotes the development of existing beneficial soil microorganisms. Thus, the micro-flora of the soil becomes abundant; thereby the soil develops a well-balanced microbial system. In this process harmful species are suppressed, thereby reducing microbial species that cause soil born diseases. This results in plants growing exceptionally well in soils which are dominated by beneficial and effective microorganisms. Use of Org-Gyp improves soil conditions resulting in greater yields, and healthier more nutritious plants.

Orgy-Gyp contains nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and increased sulphur, calcium coupled with a number of micro nutrients in higher concentrations than in agricultural soils.

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