Waste Loads
• All waste loads are inspected at REGYP disposal points;
• Up to 2% contamination allowed (screening equip limit);
• PENALTIES are imposed for contaminated loads;
• A “Customer Code” is required to tip at the REGYP disposal points;
• A payment method must be arranged before tipping or pickup.

Acceptable Waste
We recycle gyprock, plasterboard and cornice from CSR, Boral, Lafarge and BGC, including:
• Plasterboard board off-cuts;
• Complete boards or broken parts;
• Cornice;
• Ceiling tiles – non-laminated plasterboard tiles;
• Gypsum board;
• Gypsum blocks, gypsum prefab wall panels eg RFC rapid wall;
• Chemical precipitate gypsum (eg FGD), chemical testing required before acceptance; and
• Industrial gypsum waste, chemical testing required before acceptance.

Non Acceptable Waste
• Plastics and foils;
• Insulation materials (eg Rockwool);
• Steel rails and bars;
• Wood (inc studs, pallets and offcuts);
• Asbestos & other impurities;
• Horsehair plaster;
• Fibrous ceiling tiles;
• Laminated ceiling tiles and plasterboard;
• Fibre cement products;
• Chip board & MDF.

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