Ever wondered what happens to the plasterboard waste from your building site? In Australia around 1 million tonnes of plasterboard is produced every year and a large amount of this ends up in landfill mixed with other construction and demolition waste.

Plasterboard and Gyprock waste is 100% recyclable into re-usable products including gypsum and paper. By recycling plasterboard waste you can reduce your project’s waste cost and divert usable waste from landfill.

In Australia there are a number of commercial recyclers offering recycling services for waste plasterboard from building and demolition projects. The waste plasterboard must be separated, clean and with low levels of contamination, including nails, screws, wood, steel, plastic and insulation. There are various options for plasterboard waste collection on your next project, these include disposal at a local recycling plant, waste bags, truck pick-ups and skip bins.

REGYP offers plasterboard waste recycling services in the major Australian cities, offering a Cheaper and Greener alternative to landfill disposal. Unlike other service providers, REGYP accepts plasterboard and cornice waste manufactured by all of the major suppliers including CSR, Boral, Lafarge and BGC. REGYP is also the only company recycling plasterboard waste derived from demolition projects and the Brisbane floods.

Visit www.regyp.com.au for information on plasterboard recycling.

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