regyp_map_iconMINED GYPSUM

Pacific Fertiliser’s Mined Gypsum is a premium natural gypsum product which is extracted from two of the best gypsum mines in Australia. It is suitable for applications where recycled gypsum products can not be used. The gypsum can be used for every application from agricultural cropping applications, industrial uses and civil works. The recycled products have similar characteristics to the mined gypsum however the landed costs are quite different.

Gypsum 90%
Calcium 23%
Sulphur 17%
Organics (paper) 2%


      • Mined gypsum is Grade 1 suitable for agricultural applications;
      • Suitable for flocculation to reduce water turbidity;
      • Widely used for land rehabilitation and site revegetation;
      • Porous structure provides more surface area then conventional natural gypsum sources. This means the gypsum will fully dissolve into the soil solution at a much faster rate and leave no un-dissolved gypsum particles.


      • Agriculture: canola, potatoes, lettuce, pasture, cotton, grapes, sugar cane, sorghum, tomatoes, wheat, dairy, sorghum, peanuts, avocados, mushrooms;
      • Leisure: Golf courses and sporting fields;
      • Industrial: Plasterboard manufacture & cement manufacture;
      • Civil Works: Stabilisation, flocculation and rehabilitation works;
      • Aquaculture: Fish farm flocculation.