The Bligh Government will create new green jobs, stop Queensland being Australia’s dumping ground and pour unprecedented funding into recycling and the environment through a levy on industrial waste going to landfill.

Ms Bligh said the industry waste levy would commence on 1 July, 2011, however, unlike other States, it would not apply to households. “We need a waste management system where recycling is the default option over landfill, Queensland is no longer seen as a viable destination for interstate dumpers, and more unwanted materials are given a new life by someone else.

She said the industry waste levy would be charged at $35 per tonne for general waste and $50 and $150 per tonne for low-hazard and high-hazard waste respectively, with the largest portion of funds raised by the levy (totalling about $380 million over four years) being reinvested in helping the transition to better waste practices in partnership with councils.”

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