Industry sources have confirmed the newly elected LNP Queensland Government will remove the state’s landfill levy, effective from July 1, 2012.

The confirmation comes as little surprise, giving that the LNP campaigned on a platform of removing the landfill levy. Removing the levy from July 1 would mean the levy was in effect for only seven months, having begun on December 1, 2011.

REGYP can not believe a body associated with recycling contractors in QLD has welcomed the repeal, saying the existing strategy has been flawed.

REGYP feels that a levy is a good start to change the mind set of the building and waste industries towards waste seperation and recycling. Some waste companies (inc REGYP), have invested a lot of capital into the SE QLD waste market to offer recycling services and these investment decision were based on financial figures with the levy in place.

Waste levies in the other states have helped them increase their resource recovery rates.

Some of the recent policy back flips and changes ( both federal and state) make operating a business in Australia similar to those of a developing nation with political instability.

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