REGYP sells high quality recycled gypsum out of Brisbane. The recycled products have been proven by REGYP with over 20,000 tonne p.a. sold to agricultural users throughout NSW.

The new operations in Brisbane allows REGYP to service the South East QLD and Northern NSW markets with high purity, high quality gypsum at a lower price when compared to mined gypsum.

REGYP recycled gypsum offers the following benefits:

  • high quality – 90% purity, ~17% sulphur, 22+% calcium,
  • Cheaper – reduced cost per unit of calcium and sulphur,
  • increase spreadibility – wider swath widths,
  • increased solubility – quicker to dissolve into solution.

REGYP continually tests for purity, heavy metals and other chemicals. These test results are similar to the mined gypsum which was originally used to make the plasterboard.

Don’t forget REGYP also sells high quality mined natural gypsum from Brisbane as well with a purity of 96%.

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