REGYP Recycled Gypsum products meet the not only the  domestic EPA criteria in Australia but also adhere to the only recognised standard developed for the industry UK  PAS109:2008.

PAS 109:2008, Specification for the production of recycled gypsum from waste plasterboard, provides guidance for when the waste material is reprocessed into quality gypsum.

The adoption of the standard enables plasterboard recyclers to advertise that their recycled gypsum is of a high quality and will also help to instil confidence in those who buy it – thereby driving growth in existing markets and assisting in the development of new ones.

Gypsum recycled from waste plasterboard is already used in a range of applications ranging from the manufacture of new plasterboard to the production of cement and for soil treatment in agriculture. In Australia the quality of recycled gypsum can be up to 30% more pure than some of the agricultural gypsum mine products. Containing more calcium and sulphur per tonne and in a more soluble and easily spread form.

REGYP Recycling Process