REGYP is now offering a similar product to its Brisbane Rehab Gypsum from the Sydney plant in Sydney.

Rehab gypsum is the cheapest gypsum product we sell, which means it is a very low cost source of calcium and sulphur and is perfect for applications where cultivation and/or the addition of topsoil after spreading are used to incorporate the gypsum.

The product contains fine and coarse gypsum particles offering you an immediate release and a continued longer release from the coarser particles. This product also has the added benefit of limited dust generation during spreading and the paper provides some organic content.

REGYP has approval for all of its recycled gypsum products to be applied to land, including Rehab gypsum.

The general Rehab product specs are:

  • 80% gypsum purity; 
  • Sulphur 15% 
  • Calcium 20% 
  • Paper/Organics <10% w/w 
  • Screened Gypsum Size sub 60mm