RPR Sustain products are a high quality natural blend of soft rock phosphate, biology, gypsum and sulphur.

The Sustain blends offers cheaper alternatives to Single Super (SSP) providing good levels of plant available phosphorous, sulphur and calcium. The phosphorous is in a form where it doesn’t lock up in your soils and the biology and sulphur help to make the the phosphate rock reactive.

The biology used on the Sustain blends contains fish emulsion, sea trace, carbon fulvic humic an other ingredients including bacillus subtilis.

We sell soft phosphate blends in power form and both air seeder grade or aerial grade granules. These blends can meet organic or sustainable input requirements for cropping, pastoral and horticultural applications.

We can also offer the RPR SustainR which offers a cost saving by using recycled gypsum instead of the natural gypsum in the rock phosphate blends.

Available in powdered form or air-seeder grade granules or aerial grade granules with packaging options of Bulk and bags.


PRODUCT Phosphorous Potassium Sulphur Calcium
RPR Sustain 6 0 6 22
RPR SustainES 8 0 9 20
RPR SustainES + 0.025% Mo 8 0 9 20


Other Sustain blend ratios and products are available on request.

Biological ingredients – 
Trichoderma Harzianum, Trichoderma Lignorum, Trichoderma Koningii, Bacillus Subtilis, Kelp, Fish Amoltions & Carbon Fulvic Humates, all of which are key ingredients of high quality fertilisers and assist with the uptake of the soft rock phosphate.