One-Cal: Fine milled mineral fertilisers & soil amendments

Ever wished you could tailor your fertiliser to the nutrient & pH needs in each paddock? And then easily apply the fertiliser blend with complete accuracy? If so One-Cal is for you.

The benefits of One-Cal fine milled mineral fertiliser:

  • tailored blends for each application;
  • blends available for acid, neutral and alkaline;
  • best possible coverage;
  • minimised leaching and controlled solubility;
  • trace elements can be added;
  • liquid products can be added;
  • seed can be added;
  • a true single pass application.

One-Cal Core Ingredients:

  • Phosphate Rock – 10%P, 24% Ca;
  • Calcium Carbonate (limestone) – 38% Ca;
  • Gypsum – 23% Ca, 17 S;
  • Elemental Sulphur – 100% S;
  • Magnesium Carbonate- 27% Mg.

For more information on One-Cal suspension fertiliser blends please call 1300 473 497

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