Studies have shown that silicon (Si) can substantially increase tolerance of rice to biotic and abiotic stresses and it also aids in the growth and nutrient uptake of Si-accumulating crops like rice and sugarcane.

Slag silicate (CaSiO3) is among the sources of silicon (Si) available to crop production and commonly obtained from by-products in steel industry and production of elemental P. These slag by-products have high calcium carbonate equivalent (CCE) making them also suitable as liming material. In the USA, CaSiO3 slag is commonly apply to soil cultivated for rice and sugarcane production at quantities ranging between 1 MT to as high as 6 MT ha-1. With high application rates and high CCE value of CaSiO3 slag, the solubility of essential nutrients such as P, Zn, Fe and Mn can be altered.

Pacific Fertiliser and also sells various agricultural silica products.

Super Ag Slag Silica and blends can:

  • Develop larger more expansive root system
  • Improve phosphorus uptake
  • Increase resistance to insects and diseases
  • Enhance drought tolerance
  • Promote stronger plants

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