Treatment/neutralisation of acid sulfate soils involves the physical incorporation of neutralising/alkaline materials into the soil.

Agricultural lime is the best choice for acid sulfate soil application. Thoroughly mixing the appropriate amount and type of lime into disturbed acid sulfate soils will neutralise any acid produced.

Lime has an alkaline pH and buffers any acid produced whilst raising the soil pH to acceptable levels.

The amount of neutralising agent required depends on soil and water test results and the neutralising capacity of the lime source. Materials that can be used include cardbide lime, quicklime, sodium bicarbonate, dolomite, and some industry by-products.

REGYP sells lime products out of Sydney and Brisbane including blends.

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Avoidance is the most preferred management strategy for acid sulphate soils, and should be considered at all sites.

Acid sulfate soils are inert when left in waterlogged, undisturbed conditions. Avoidance is often the most environmentally responsible and cheapest option.