TRIPLE-STRIKE is a concentrated liquid suspension for the treatment of Algae in sediment dams, and it works well with our SuperFlocc Gypsum product for water flocculation at the same time.

TRIPLE-STRIKE is a one step Algae treatment. TRIPLE-STRIKE does not kill the Algae like most other products, as it works by staving the Algae of nutrients over time.

TRIPLE-STRIKE has a unique 3 – way action, by coagulating and flocculating the Algae to the bottom forming a blanket over the Algae and inhibiting any new growth.

TRIPLE-STRIKE will generally lower the water pH by 0.5-1.0 units and this can assist in preventing further algae growth. TRIPLE-STRIKE has passed a fully independent ECO–TOXICITY assessment report.

The rate of application will depend on the intensity of the algae within the dam/pond that you intend on treating. Triple-Strike should first be diluted to a minimum of 2:1 ratio (2 parts water to
1 part Triple-Strike) and then applied over the water surface through use or a pump and hand held spray gun or boom spray jet for best results. After Triple-Strike has been applied the product particles will maximise their contact with the algae and produce a cloud within the water profile and then later settling to the bottom of the water. Please read the application rate chart to select the best application rate for your treatment.