Wyangala Dam upgrade good news for Lachlan river irrigators as the total potential capacity is increased. The good news also comes as the dam level has reached over 20% for the first time in some years.

The Wyangala project is one of seven dam safety upgrades being completed as part of the NSW Government’s $350 million investment in ensuring dams can withstand the most extreme conditions.

The $43 million Wyangala Dam upgrade includes:

  • Raising the chute wall on the downstream spillway to ensure it can withstand the most extreme floods;
  • Raising the existing spillway radial gates 1.4m higher and installing a brake locking system to the gates; and,
  • Raising the dam crest by 1.8m by provision of an upstream parapet wall,
  • A new $12 million bridge will be built across the Lachlan River downstream of Wyangala Dam to ensure continued access for Wyangala village residents during and after the dam’s upgrade.

wyangala dam

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