REGYP can offer specific fertilizer, element and compost blends to suit the test results of your properties soil. Ensuring you benefit not only through the efficient use of the applied inputs, but also through the possibility of one application saving you money whilst increasing plant yields.

A big mistake made by many farmers is that when it comes to poor soil fertility many invest in high cost fertilisers to try and fix the problem.

Test your soils to target the root cause of the problem. Most of the common problems such as unbalanced soils can be dealt with by simply applying natural products such as gypsum, limestone, dolomite, compost and in some cases trace elements to make your soil more productive.

REGYP blends can improve soil pH, treat acid soils, improve fertiliser efficiency, treat soil salinity, improve pasture and animal health, loosen clay soil, remedy calcium and sulphur deficiencies & improve soil nutrients.

Note – It is a recommended to test your soils for existing nutrients, salinity and pH before for your next fertilizer application. This monitoring will help ensure you are not applying too much (or too little) of a particular nutrient or element and you can adjust natural and synthetic fertiliser applications where necessary.