regyp_map_iconSUPERSPREAD PLUS

SUPERSPREAD PLUS gypsum is a popular recycled gypsum product, with purity comparable to most agricultural grade 1 gypsum products, but at half the price. SUPERSPREAD PLUS can be used as a cheaper substitute to natural gypsum for agricultural and rehabilitation applications. It is also suitable for applications where it is incorporated or low gypsum application rates are required.

Gypsum 80%
Calcium 19%
Sulphur 15%
Organics (paper) 5%


      • Good solubility, even with the larger particles;
      • Spreads better at lower applications rates;
      • The larger granular particles allow for ease of product flow, increased spread width and lower dust levels;
      • Provides further application savings through increased spread widths over natural gypsum (widths up to 30m); and
      • Its porous structure means the larger particles will fully dissolve, but at a slower rate to SAG, making it suitable for lighter soils.