ReGyp releases its Super AG Gypsum products for use in agriculture and civil projects.

Super Ag Gypsum is a high performance pre-digested source of calcium and sulphur suitable for agricultural applications using ground and aerial spread techniques.

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SUPER AG Gypsum you will benefit from:
its increased solubility, up to 4 times more than other mined sources;

  • lower applications rates (up to 15%) due to its much higher purity than most NSW mined gypsum sources, saving you money;
  • further application savings through increased spreading widths over mined sources; and
  • its porous structure provides more surface area then conventional Ag gypsum sources.

This quality means the SUPER AG Gypsum will fully dissolve into the soil solution at a much faster rate and leave no un-dissolved gypsum particles.

Super AG gypsum is available in bulk loads from 1 tonne to 38 tonne in the Sydney Metro area and 12 to 38 tonne loads in regional areas. We also have bagging facilities for gypsum bags from 20kg to 25kgs. Call for pricing 1300 4 REGYP.

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