SUPERFLOCC Gypsum products are made from ultra fine natural gypsum powder. The ground gypsum can be mixed with water and applied via irrigation (flood, drip), spread aerially, or added to dams for flocculation (to reduce water turbidity) and many other applications. The solution grade and aerial grade gypsum products are suitable for industrial, agricultural cropping and civil applications.

GYP-FLO – is SuperFlocc gypsum in a pre-mixed liquid form, where the gypsum remains in suspension ready for use. Liquid Gypsum.

TRIPLE STRIKE ALGAE CONTROL – is a concentrated liquid suspension for the treatment of Algae, and works well with our SuperFlocc Gypsum product for water flocculation at the same time. TRIPLE-STRIKE has a unique 3 – way action, by coagulating and flocculating the Algae to the bottom forming a blanket over the Algae and inhibiting any new growth.

Flocc Blocks – We can also supply the SuperFlocc gypsum in block form, the Dam Clear Flocc blocks can be placed in drainage channels upstream, where they slowly release the gypsum to flocculate the water when there are inflows.