Triple Strike Algae Control

February 3rd, 2019|

TRIPLE-STRIKE is a concentrated liquid suspension for the treatment of Algae in sediment dams, and it works well with our SuperFlocc Gypsum product for water flocculation at the same time. TRIPLE-STRIKE is a one step Algae treatment. TRIPLE-STRIKE does not kill the Algae like most other products, as it works by staving the Algae of nutrients

Effective Sediment Flocculation

September 21st, 2018|

The effectiveness of gypsum to flocculate clay particles in sediment dams and construction basins is based on purity and surface area. The higher the purity of the gypsum and the finer the product the more effective the gypsum will be at flocculating the sediment from the water. The Superflocc products are made from fine ground

SuperFlocc the Clean Green Alternative

May 19th, 2017|

SuperFlocc is a natural product used for the flocculation of sediment dams on construction sites. SuperFlocc is made from a natural mined mineral called gypsum and then is milled to provide an ultrafine product suitable for flocculation of clay/dirt sediment from water. There are no added chemicals in the product it is a organic product.

BBP Strip Out Waste Guidelines

December 21st, 2015|

Better Building Partnerships Strip Out Waste Guidelines in Consultation Waste Guidelines Link The Better Buildings Partnership has developed the BBP Strip Out Waste Guidelines to assist tenants, building owners and demolition contractors in the procurement and execution of best practice strip out operations. These guidelines include a number of practical tools that can be utilised

Aerial Grade Gypsum – SSG10

October 16th, 2013|

SuperSpread Gypsum 10 (SSG10) is pefect for aerial applications out of aircraft setup to spread fertilisers. Gypsum Purity 90+%, Calcium 22.5+% Sulphur 17+5 You will need to do more trips with SSG10 then other available aerial gypsum due to its lower bulk density, but you need to assess not only landed cost, application costs, but

Monaro Pasture Improvement with Gypsum

February 28th, 2013|

Farmers from the Monaro area are seeing positive results from using high quality gypsum with a sulphur content with 17%, such as REGYP gypsum products. The improvements were seen on both native and improved pastures. The recycled gypsum products offered by REGYP are well suited to the area and the general soil properties. The SuperSpread

Dispersion in Drilling Muds

January 12th, 2013|

In geotechnical engineering, drilling fluid is used to aid the drilling of boreholes into the earth. Often used while drilling oil and natural gas wells and on exploration drilling rigs, drilling fluids are also used for much simpler boreholes, such as water wells. Liquid drilling fluid is often called drilling mud. The three main categories

Management of Construction Sediment Basins

October 16th, 2012|

Dispersible soils are those where the clay and fine silt particles (<0.005 mm) disperse into a state of separation into extremely fine colloidal units when exposed to water. These particles can remain suspended in water essentially forever because of common electrical charges on the colloidal surfaces, causing them to repel each other and stay in suspension. Stormwater runoff from unprotected dispersible soils on construction

REGYP Recycled v Mined Gypsum

May 30th, 2012|

Mined gypsum in Australia can come in many forms with varying quality. The most pure gypsum is generally mined near Ceduna in South Australia and Dampier in WA. Other regional gypsum mines can produce sub standard gypsum, so when comparing any gypsum products including recycled gypsum, you must look at the purity and the sulphur

Latest REGYP Gypsum Brochure

August 19th, 2011|

REGYP supplies numerous high quality mined and recycled gypsum products throughout NSW, VIC and QLD for industrial, agricultural and civil applications. Some of the applications that REGYP gypsum products have been used for are: Agriculture – canola, potatoes, lettuce, pasture, mushrooms, cotton, grapes, sugar cane, wheat, dairy, grapes, sorghum and golf courses; Industrial – Plasterboard manufacture

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